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Come and join us for our after School Surf program.We will be offering the program starting Oct 1. Students will be able to attend Daily or 4 days of the week. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday and (Friday's will only be offered if theres enough interest.) Benjamin and St. Mark students will be picked up after school in car pick up line. St. Marks 5th-8th graders and Benjamin 5-8th grade . St. Marks pick up will be at @ 3:00, Benjamin 5,6,7th and 8th graders at 3:20. If you do not attend these schools you may attend; however, there will be no pick up service. Drop off will be at Loggerhead Park at 3:30. If you would like us to come to your students school, let us know. 


1.What to Bring?   change of clothes/water will be provided with snacks. However, if you like specific snacks you must provide.


2.Will equipment be provided ? Yes, all surfboards will be available.


3.Can my student bring his/her advanced board? yes, it must be brought to our storage prior to the day they attend.


4.Cost : $60 per daywith shuttle service/ $50 no shuttle. 


5.How do I sign up ?  online or text  561 543 7873 


6. What if surf is flat? we will do lifeguard training skills and work on surf paddaling technique etc. 


7 Location: Typically Loggerhead Park however, we will travel to the best break for the swell. Juno to Jupiter Beach Park.


Questions: feel free to give us a call or text @ 561 543 -7873

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