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    Is there covered space on the beach?

  • Yes, we have beach tents to protect all students from the sun. Covered areas range from 30x40 and 10x10 depending on camp size.

  • (13)

    How many students do you average during camp?

  • Surf Camp: averages 20 students
    Water Sports Camp: averages 25 students
    Teen Camp: averages 10 students

  • (14)

    Is there a swim test?

  • No, however, due to the inherent risk, all students are required to be strong swimmers.

  • (15)

    Can i bring my own surfboard/ skimboard?

  • Skimboards can be brought to camp. Your child is responsible for carrying it to and from the beach. Personal surfboards are not permitted unless they are foam boards.

  • (16)

    Does my child need to know how to surf?

  • No, no experience necessary is required.

  • (17)

    Do you apply sun block to the students?

  • No, children are reminded at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to reapply their sun block.
    For a $50 weekly fee, an instructor can be assigned to assist your child and make sure he or she is properly protected.

  • (18)

    Are Aloha camps licensed and insured?

  • Yes, we are licensed and insured and carry park permits with Palm Beach County Parks.

  • (19)

    Do you sell sun block?

  • We sell Raw elements and Zinc paste. They both have over 22% active zinc oxide to create a barrier from excessive UV rays.

    Watch out for marketing from other brands, no spf is stronger than zinc oxide more than 20% active ingredient.

  • (20)

    When should we bring our snorkel gear?

  • It will be announced prior to the day of camp.

  • (21)

    What is your cancellation policy?

  • There will be a 50% fee if you need to withdraw your child from the program, or you may apply the credit towards another week of camp anytime that summer year.

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